UUMDS provides a safe, comfortable, nurturing environment for infants. Infants engage in age-appropriate activities that encourage curiosity, learning, and the development of skills including reaching, grabbing, rolling, sitting, crawling, pulling up, and walking, as well as early language and other social skills. Our experienced staff creates a feeding and sleep schedule for each child based on his or her age and individual needs. We keep low infant/staff ratios to allow teachers to spend more time caring for each individual child.


Our toddlers begin to learn important life skills like sleeping outside of cribs on cots and self feeding. They also work with their teachers to develop motor skills, and participate in activities designed for age-appropriate cognitive and verbal development.

Beginning at 18 months, our toddlers use the Funshine Express Curriculum.


Our twos practice practical life skills everyday, like transitioning from “sippy cup” to “big cup” and eating with utensils. They also begin to learn to play together and to begin to express and appropriately deal with emotions. We work with parents on potty training when the child is ready.

Our twos participate in the Funshine Express Curriculum.


In the three year old classes, the children are introduced to many of the important skills and knowledge they will need in pre-kindergarten. We work on developing a daily routine that includes time for more structured learning activities as well as free play to prepare children for a pre-kindergarten classroom setting.

Our Threes participate in the Funshine Express Curriculum.

We have story time daily, and once per week a visitor from the Calcasieu Parish library comes to read to the class.

Free play is important for the development of imagination, creativity, independence, and social skills. During free play time, a variety of toys, books, and props are available including dress-up props, dolls, cars, books, and drawing materials.


Our PreKindergarten class uses the Funshine Express Curriculum, and also emphasizes kindergarten readiness.

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